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Corporate Sponsorship Programme Plus

AiSP Corporate Sponsorship Programme Plus (CSP+) offers companies the following:

a. Listing on AiSP website as Corporate member, with company brand and description

b. Free & Discounted conferences / workshops

c. All Staff free AiSP memberships, according to the fee structure

d. Special invite as speakers to AiSP event

e. 1 free information and cyber security job advertisement per month. Additional job advertisement at a discount from normal rate

Fee structure based on total staff in the organization:

  • - Up to 400 pax @ $30k per year
  • - Up to 300 pax @ $24k per year
  • - Up to 200 pax @ $17k per year

AISP reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions without notice. Membership fees are before GST.

To apply, please download and send the completed form to the AISP secretariat. For further information contact Secretariat at +65 6247 9552 or email at