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Facial Recognition

The rapid growth of technology has become inevitable with the expansion of facial recognition usage across the globe. Conferred to Biometrics, facial recognition is used for identification and authentication by measuring and matching the face’s unique characteristics through the biometric solution. With the estimation at the apex of US$9.6 billion in 4 years, facial recognition is booming the global market. The intensity of wide-spreading marketing on facial recognition technology will be the rising structure for the expansion of technology in this era.

Among 11 countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore is by far the dweller of facial recognition in the field of privacy and security system in the Airport, e-payment system and intensifying surveillance of the pedestrian and road consumer by locating the facial recognition camera at several lamp posts. Also, it is predicted that “The year 2018 will mark a fast-track year in facial recognition technology, whose speed of growth is likely to override other AI sectors including robotics, voice recognition and natural language processing,” said by the Vice President of Thundersoft Software Technology.

Singapore highlights the security system for aeroplane’s passengers, consumers of e-payment system, and road user through facial recognition camera which potentially rejuvenating the profit of technology advancement global market by 21.3%. Facial Recognition by Trueventus caters to industrialists to acquire the well-designed discussion on the potential supporter of increment in market growth.

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