Escalate Your Information Security Standards Beyond Frontiers

GTACS 2018

The fourth industry revolution is coming and it is changing existing services and business models; it is changing the way people work, live and interact. Singapore is at the forefront of this revolution with heavy investment into its Smart City agenda, enabling the workforce to gain skills and develop tools required in the new era.

In a world of cyber physical systems and internet of things, where systems and processes that were previously segregated are now interconnected, businesses look at new models to create value, increase efficiency and use technology as a key differentiator.

In order to succeed in the digital economy, businesses need to invest much more resources in technology, accurately planning for future roadmaps and actively managing technology related risks.

Into its fifth edition, the GTACS 2018 programme will focus on addressing cybersecurity risk challenges of the digital economy and sharing best practices to effectively managing cybersecurity risk. Join us today at GTACS 2018!

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