We are an independent cybersecurity association that believes in developing, supporting as well as enhancing industry technical competence and management expertise to promote the integrity, status and interests of Information Security professionals in Singapore.

We believe that in promoting the development, increasing and spreading of cybersecurity knowledge, and any related subject, we help shape more resilient economies.

AiSP aims to be the pillar for Information Security Professional & Profession in Cyber by:

  • Promoting the integrity, status and interests of information security professionals in Singapore.

  • Developing, support as well as enhance technical competence and management expertise in cybersecurity.

  • Bolstering the development, increase and spread of information security knowledge and its related subjects.

We facilitate THINK TANKS

Our team of volunteers are heavily involved in programs aimed at building cybersecurity ecosystems, including IOT security roundtables, SME awareness programmes, Student Mentorship & Volunteer programmes as well as frequent briefing, discussions and workshops on cybersecurity technologies, legislation, trends and issues.

We have amazing PARTNERSHIPS

We’ve inked MOUs with regional professional bodies such as Australian Computer Society and (ISC)2 Singapore chapter, just to name a few. These key partnerships enable a 2-way sharing such that our members gain exposure to best practises across internationally.

We build Cyber SKILLS

To help bridge the cyber skills gap, we collaborate with NUS to bring industry professionals the NICF-AiSP Qualified Information Security Professional (QISP) Course. The course is designed for entry to mid-level infocomm professionals who wish to acquire security related competencies.

Organise regular NETWORKING EVENTS

AiSP organises monthly member networking events which allow members to take part in several programs and seminars that allow them to grow and develop new skills. AiSP events also offer an opportunity for networking and promoting camaraderie within the cybersecurity fraternity.