Data security has always been important. But the growing stream of recent large-scale attacks in the past year driven more urgency around this topic today. What we’ve learned from these incidents is that no organisation be it small, medium or large are spared from Cyber Attacks.

And this is of no surprise. The business environment of today has evolved tremendously. Aimed at reduced cost, greater scalability, increased mobility, faster deployment and instant upgrades to name a few, business digital transformation initiatives of today makes formulating an IT plan less simple than it used to be a few years before.

Many businesses today process large amounts of confidential customer or employee data daily. So, what are the potential loopholes that small businesses should consider? Personal data breaches can exact a high toll on organisations. In the immediate term, it will cost the organisation time and resources to manage the data breach, unhappy customers and perform service recovery. In the medium to long term, corporate reputation can be adversely affected, impacting on revenue and business sustainability.

SME Business Owners are only focused on Business Needs and are not aware of the Risks in Going Digital and not aware of the Cyber Security Resources available for them. The purpose of the CAAP is created to help SME Business owners and Individuals to be more cyber aware.

Stay tuned here for more details on our SME Body of Knowledge (BOK) for Businesses and Individuals that will be launched soon