Under AiSP’s Academic Partnership Programme (APP), the Institutes of Higher Learning involved would include AiSP Student Chapter in their respective institutes. In recognition of our student volunteers in the student chapters and their student interest groups, we have listed the current committee members here,

Temasek Polytechnic - AiSP Student Chapter

Cybersecurity & Digital Forensic Student Interest Group: Committee Members (2020 to 2021)

Position Committee Members
President Matthias Abel Loong Jong Rui
Vice President (External Events) Ang Yan Jie Sidney
Vice President (Professional Certifications/Treasurer) Koh Wei Long Dylan
Secretary Tan Yi Ching
Marketing & Outreach Director Tan Yi Le Lydia

AiSP Student Chapters under Academic Partnership Programme

As the APP offers complimentary Affiliate membership to all full-time students from the institute, not just for information security or cybersecurity disciplines, we welcome members of the student interest groups branded under AiSP Student Chapters, to join AiSP’s activities as well. Please click here if you want to apply for the affiliate membership.

To recognise the student members who have volunteered in their interest groups, we invite them to submit their nomination forms for the Student Volunteer Recognition Programme (SVRP). Please contact us if you have any query.

Please email Secretariat at if you have been serving in the current or past AiSP Student Chapters, so that we can recognise you.