The SVRP aims to encourage volunteerism amongst students while developing their interest in cybersecurity. It is organised by the Association of Information Security Professionals and backed by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), with support from the National Youth Council and private sector players - Singtel, Trend Micro, Booz Allen Hamilton and Ensign InfoSecurity.

The programme will see the involvement of Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) such as Institute of Technical Education, Polytechnics and Universities in Singapore where educators encourage students to explore their potential in cybersecurity and develop their personal and professional abilities through volunteerism. Currently, the programme is open to existing full-time students in local (IHLs). We also have another track for full-time secondary school and pre-university students in Singapore, the aim is to attract more youths to continue volunteering in Singapore's cybersecurity ecosystem when they enter IHLs. The newly-launched track is developed in collaboration with our community partner Cyber Youth Singapore. Please refer to Framework for more details.

AiSP Immediate Past President, Dr Steven Wong said: “The SVRP provides students with opportunities to hone their interest in cybersecurity and make broad and in-depth contributions. The involvement of our partners who are key industry players, such as Singtel and Ensign InfoSecurity, allow students to gain industry experience and eventually become cybersecurity professionals to meet the growing demand for such talents in Singapore today.”

To find out more about SVRP and on how you can contribute and/or participate in SVRP, please contact Freddy at Freddy.Tan at or write to our secretariat team at Secretariat at

The second SVRP Award Ceremony will be held on 24 March 2021 at Lifelong Learning Institute Event Hall. The Award Ceremony is sponsored by: