Escalate Your Information Security Standards Beyond Frontiers



What is the aim of AISP?

Association of Information Security Professionals, or AISP for short, aims to transform infocomm security (IS) into a distinguished profession, with a recognised body, qualifications, established career paths and career development programmes. This initiative will be pivotal in building a critical pool of competent IS professionals who subscribe to the highest professional standards.

Who will be spearheading this initiative? Who are the parties involved?

IDA is working with SCS, industry partners, IS experts and major IS organizations, who will drive and support the formation of AISP. We want AISP to be developed for the industry, by the industry. As such, even though IDA may initially spearhead the formation of the professional body, AISP will eventually be run entirely by the IS industry.

Will the AISP seek to hold IT security professionals accountable for any error or negligence in projects that they are involved in?

AISP requires all members to abide by a code of conduct. Members who breach the code of conduct will be liable for disciplinary action.

Is AISP first in the world? What are the plans for the internationalization?

AISP is the first professional organization for Information Security Professionals in Asia. Moving forward, the association plans to establish links with international counterparts. This would enhance the international recognition of our infocomm professional manpower, and positively differentiate ourselves in the global market.


Who are eligible to be AISP members?

The association welcomes and caters to a variety of individual members including experienced, new and aspiring professionals. Applicants can select from a number of categories including Ordinary, Associate and Student memberships, according to qualification and experience.

AISP does not offer corporate membership.

Can professionals from overseas join?

The association welcomes overseas members.

What are the benefits of membership?

AISP members belong to an elite network of professionals that possess a vast base of knowledge unparalleled in the information security industry.

Whilst information security professionals may be members of other associations that certify their skills and knowledge, AISP aims to go beyond that by striving to give its members industry recognition nationally, regionally and globally, if they are both suitably qualified and are practicing members.

This takes the AISP member to another level that raises the standing and distinguishes the member as a trusted and competent advisor and practitioner in information security. AISP membership confers other benefits which include access to a Body of Knowledge, professional development roadmaps, and continuing professional development educational programmes to maintain their professional competency, relevance and subject matter expertise.

Why is there a need for such an association?

Currently, practitioners in information security in Singapore may belong to different bodies (associations, chapters, societies, etc - most of which are headquartered overseas) and there is not a single professional body locally to bind them together to interact and exchange information of common interest, set standards of professional conduct for compliance and speak with one voice to industry on information security matters. AISP aspires to be that body that will bring all these practitioners together. In addition, AISP will also facilitate the growth and professional development of information security in Singapore through its own educational programmes and qualifying examinations in due course.

Are there any certification schemes currently in place for local Information Security professionals?

One of the key targets of AISP in 2009 is to develop qualifying courses and exams for local Information Security professionals.