Escalate Your Information Security Standards Beyond Frontiers

Cybersecurity Conference 2018

The Law Society's inaugural Cybersecurity Conference is here! This landmark event, brought to you by the Cybersecurity and Data Protection Committee is timely given recent local and regional developments in laws on cybersecurity and data protection. The new Singapore Cybersecurity Act, the coming into force of the European GDPR, and recent developments in data protection law are some examples.

This 1-day conference offers legal practitioners, compliance experts and technologists opportunities to cover latest developments in the law, practice of cybersecurity, compliance strategies, and perspectives on managing multi-jurisdictional challenges in today's connected world.

The conference will also include a simulated data breach intrusion exercise with a practical walk-through, discussions on potential real-world situations, and discuss how organisations should inoculate themselves from new forms of cyber threats.

Plenary sessions will cover the following areas:

    1. Managing local and international cybersecurity and data protection regimes;
    2. Compliance issues facing financial institutions;
    3. A walk-through exercise on data breach;
    4. Managing cybersecurity incidents across multiple jurisdictions;
    5. The role of cyber insurance as a risk management tool; and
    6. A proposal for a framework to manage cybersecurity breaches for lawyers

Register Now and we look forward to seeing you on 19 July 2018!

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