Escalate Your Information Security Standards Beyond Frontiers

Security Exchange 2018

The current information technology environment is constantly changing. Enterprises are generating more data than ever before and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Big Data & Internet of things (IoT) are shaping the contours of an evolving digital ecosystem. With the emergence of new cyber security legislation, the evolutionary forces require a new paradigm for defining the next generation security.

Cybersecurity threats will continue to increase in volume and sophistication. Such a demanding cybersecurity regime entails a shift in focus from protection to early detection, response, and rectification. Businesses need to adopt new strategies and invest in more resources to detect and mitigate potential breaches before they occur.

As cybersecurity practitioners, our mandate is to protect our organization and its IT infrastructure. Join us at the Security Exchange 2018 to gain valuable acumens on the latest cybersecurity outlook such as advanced malware detection, data theft prevention and secure cloud to learn innovative ways to strengthen your security posture and network performance. .

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