The AiSP Validated Information Security Professionals (AVIP) membership serves the professional interests of all experienced information security professionals in Singapore, by giving the platform to validate their credentials in the professional domain. AVIP offers clarity to professionals and companies through its validation process, so that the hiring process would be shorter and better match organisations’ job requirements and candidates’ relevant experience. Mooted and implemented by the Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP), the first-of-its-kind validation programme benefits the following stakeholders:

  • Professionals can validate their credentials and experience for information security related work including cybersecurity, professional development and career progression.

  • Employers can better assess job applicants’ credentials and work with their HR personnel to strengthen people development in information security domain.

  • Industries can plan for their manpower, supporting functions and resources ahead to leverage opportunities arising from Singapore’s digital transformation and cybersecurity development.

AVIP membership is the FIRST in Asia to bundle the Professional Indemnity for professionals involved in cybersecurity related work, to give them greater assurance undertaking projects in Singapore and worldwide.


  • Recognition as a Trusted Infocomm Security Professional. You can use the designation of AVIP (AiSP Validated Information Security Professionals Member) as your credentials.

  • Special Invite to Exclusive Activities & Events.

  • AVIP members enjoy the Professional Indemnity Coverage in Singapore and Overseas (FIRST in Asia)!

  • AVIP members will be invited for key dialogue sessions with national & industry leaders for their opinions on cyber security.

  • AVIP members will be invited to represent AiSP for media interviews on their opinions on cyber security.

Admission Criteria

Individuals who are existing Ordinary Members of AiSP through Path 1 based on (either Points 1 and 2, or Points 1 and 3):

  1. At least one (1) certification in information security (IS) from AiSP’s approved list;

  2. A recognised degree with at least three years of working experience in IS; OR

  3. A non-IS degree or a non-degree holder with at least five (5) years of working experience in information security.

  4. All applicants must be AiSP Ordinary Member (Path 1) for at least one year.

AiSP Ordinary Members who are approved based on Path 2 (i.e., experience as senior management or project management) would not be eligible for AVIP.


To apply for AiSP Validated Information Security Professionals (AVIP) membership, please email your application form, CV and professional certifications in a password-protected zip files to AiSP Secretariat. Send us the password via Telegram (@AiSP_SG). Please do not email or send unprotected personal data to us.

The application form contains supplementary questions which will help the approving committee to assess the suitability of the candidate.

The AVIP Application Form is in PDF format. To view, fill-in, and print the form, please download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.