National Cybersecurity R&D Laboratory (NCL)

The NCL is funded by the Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) and had supported a wide range of projects in the past one and half years since it's launch. Currently there are over 80 projects from industries, agencies, academia e.g. R&D on fuzzing, secured data analytic, demo of security solutions, etc...

The current Computing Resources – includes the Cloud Service with around 200 nodes, equipped with GPU’s and high end servers. In terms of services and toolsets, e.g. Vulnerable Environments, Virtual Networks & Malware datasets for education purpose, research and technology evaluation.

As we understand, NCL is constantly seeking feedbacks from the community on their needs and building new services/tools. One of the main objectives is to provide self-service training labs (PT labs, evaluation platforms and CtF environments) for penetration testers/trainees. The project is initiated based on community feedbacks.