Security is a top priority globally as cyber-attacks have increased in frequency, intensity and severity. It is critical for businesses and organisations to have qualified information security professionals to manage cybersecurity threats and incidents.

To support the development of personnel in this demanding profession since 2010, the Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP) has been offering its Qualified Information Security Professional (QISP®) Programme. The QISP® examination enables the professionals in Singapore to attest their knowledge in AiSP’s IS-BOK domains.

The QISP® training based on AiSP’s Information Security Body of Knowledge (IS BOK) 2.0 leverages on its predecessor BOK 1.0. IS BOK 2.0 is used for the updated QISP® training from 2021 onwards and AiSP is working with training partners to develop courseware for online and classroom training in Singapore and overseas. Individuals who want to raise their information security credentials or knowledge in cyber security can sign up for our QISP® training or examination.

Candidates must achieve a minimum of 50-64% (Qualified Information Security Associate), 65% and above (Qualified Information Security Professional) to pass.

While there is no prerequisite for candidates taking the QISP® examination, the candidates are strongly encouraged to have,

  • One to five years of working experience in information security; or,
  • Formal training in cyber security in an educational institute; or,
  • Professional certification in information security, please refer to this link for details.
The domains covered in IS BOK 2.0 Core Modules for QISP® examination are:
  1. Governance and Management
  2. Physical Security and Business Continuity
  3. Security Architecture and Engineering
  4. Operation and Infrastructure Security Software Security
  5. Software Security
  6. Cyber Defence

Please contact AiSP directly if you want to use our IS BOK to develop customised courseware or training materials for your organisation or country. “QISP” is a registered trademark owned by AiSP and QISP® examination is conducted exclusively by AiSP.